About Thurston Royce Gallery

Welcome to the Thurston Royce Gallery web site - dedicated to increasing the understanding and appreciation of fine art.

Founded in 1971, Thurston Royce specializes in original paintings, sculptures and works on paper. The gallery is distinguished with works of art by Edward Hopper, Oscar Bluemner, Harry Bertoia, Ferjo, Patrick Hughes, Robert Henri, Faith Ringgold, Salvador Dali, Agam, Kenji Fukuda and many others.

Thurston Royce Gallery is committed to sharing the very best the art world has to offer - works of beauty, insight and imagination.

"Regard your good name as the richest jewel you can possibly be possessed of - for credit is like fire; when once you have kindled it you may easily preserve it, but if you once extinguish it, you will find it an arduous task to rekindle it again. The way to gain good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear." Socrates (469 BC - 399 BC)