Figure Studies for Pennsylvania Coal Town

Title: Figure Studies for "Pennsylvania Coal Town"

Artist: Edward Hopper

Dimensions: 8 3/4" x 6 7/8" (17 3/4" x 14 3/4", framed)

Medium: Pen and ink on paper



Although Hopper spent most of his life in New York – Washington Square and New England – Truro, Massachusetts and various other Cape Cod locals – he also loved to motor to many places west of the Hudson River. On one such trip, he made these sketches in the anthracite region of Pennsylvania. Hopper is here working out individual figure poses in a variety of sketches within a single sheet. Most prominent is the barefoot standing youth in the upper left. He is shown in profile holding a round object, which appears to be a baseball mitt. In addition, three studies of older, balding men in profile are depicted on the right. In the bottom left, he has drawn a muscular forearm holding a pole next to an object, which is either an urn or a goblet. The concern with anatomical parts, particularly arms and hands and a sense of their gestural energy, makes this drawing less static than other sheets of multiple imagery. RPM