TR100 Index

The index was developed by Thurston Royce and it is based on two simple principles.

Thurston Royce 100 Index

The “TR100” Index includes American and European artists who were born at least 100 years ago, and whose highest price for an original painting or sculpture is more than 100 times the current median price for works on paper by the same artist.

The index was developed by Thurston Royce and it is based on two simple principles:

  1. Paintings and sculptures by prominent artists such as Edward Hopper and Pablo Picasso are too rare and too expensive for 99% of collectors.
  2. Works on paper (i. e., drawings, watercolors and limited edition prints) by the same artists are much more affordable and they often represent an excellent investment opportunity for both the young and seasoned collector.

Below is a list of prominent artists who meet the above criteria and are included in the “TR100” index:

Edward Hopper$ 26,896,000$ 50,000
Rene Magritte$ 12,659,500$ 15,000
Salvador Dali$ 4,055,374$ 10,000
Oscar Bluemner$ 904,000$ 5,000
Harry Bertoia$ 420,000$ 3,500
Giorgio DeChirico$13,919,566$10,000
Robert Henri$ 3,600,000$ 5,000
Pablo Picasso$104,168,000$15,000
Vincent VanGogh$ 82,500,000$100,000
Marc Chagall$ 14,850,000$20,000

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